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What's New? with 912's

What's new with 912's

Well with the winter setting in many cars are tucked up for the winter months. Restorations continue in the home to get cars that did not make it this summer on the road for the summer in 2004 ( Hey miggs!! )

Plans for next year

France March  2004 with a run to an old race track . Should be good fun.

Le mans 2004 Camp out so far about 30 people and cars are going to do the run. The best bit is 2 laps on the curcuit before the race starts...

August 912 reg run in USA . Will post more details as they come. Intending to pick up my other 912 out in the states and drive this to the show and about in California for the 3 weeks and drop the car back to the shippers to ship back to the UK.

More events planned watch this space

2005 Run to the Factory in Germany.

more planned


Interesting Car News


Sorry to give you guys bad news but the Bosch 050 Distributor is no longer in production !!!!!!!!!

So if you have one look after it. I found out this week after trying to get one from the USA. Nov 2003.

Carpet sets and seat covers watch this space i may be able to help you guys on this front as I have an industrial sewing machine now and I am looking to do some products in the quite times of my working life....

Stop Press

Basket weave I have a few meters of this for the 912 911 and 914. It is VERY close to the Org. Try and tell.

£12.99 meter by 54 inch also have a very close copy to the flat vynal £8.99 meter by 54 inch. I can sell off the roll or make up seat base with foam and leave it to you to fit to your seat.

Email me.