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Shows 2003/4

Porsche shows and others 2003

Here are a few shows that I have been to this year. Some here in the UK others abroad. 2003 was a good year for the shows as the 912 really hit the show grounds as a car mark of it's own. Rather than as a smaller brother of the 911 that happened to be a Porsche.

We had over 9 cars at one show.

Lets see if 2004 can bring out more. Winter has set in now but there are few things left to do.

Essen Auto Classica 2003 Germany

A most excellent show. In Germany not big on Porsche but an impressive display of Classic Porsche. 917's abound. hmmm. Some spare parts places to buy from er about 3. But the best bit is the auto jumble. Hit and miss some good some bad and the best laugh is the guy who wanted 2025 Prices for all his stuff. He did not sell much.

Also when you are there check out Mettermotor in Essen and the other places in and about the area good luck finding them. Make sure you got the map the right way up. And the Essen motorway is like the M25 so time your journey.

Oh and the Essen store for D&W is well worth a vist.Next to a shell garage just before Essen. On route from the UK to Essen you can't miss it.







My 912 after a tin of Filler (bondo) and some stickyback plastic,well we can all dream



You got'a love this. Wow Another Porsche at the Essen Auto Classica show. A hand full of really nice Race cars. This was the stand for a Porsche classic car sales place as my German friend told me. To every one else that could not read German it would have looked like a club stand.

Porsche stand had a Trimmer in Action doing door bins.

I watched EVERY move!!






356 International New Forest, but all meeting at Alex's Retromotorcompany first.

What a day .Sun ,Porsches and more Porsches. Oh a lovely drive though the New Forest about 14 of us in a line what a great drive.

356's abound I was the only 912 on the day :-(  The Germans loved the car and kept coming back to look at it and take photo's. So I guess the 912 is not too well know there either. The 356's were stunning so glad to see so many really mint 356's from early 51's to late models.

The Pre-A's were fab, well I have to say that as i own one as well. The very early cabs were mind blowing to see. If you were not there you missed one of the best days out this year. On the way home 356's on German plates hacking it back to Brighton for their dinner. And I mean hacking it 90mph+ COOL.....

More pics of 356 International

So Ok it was a 356 Day but there was pleanty of old 911's 914's and loads of 356's Oh and one 912....

The weather really made it a great day if fact too hot but that's the UK all or nothing.

If you want more pic's of the 356's see my classic356.co.uk web page that will be up and running later in 2004

PCGB Hampshire Concours

This was a surprise I came 3rd!!!!! cheers lads.

But I don't think I will be turning up at 6 am to wash and detail my car for 4 hrs before the event. Oh and jacking up the car to aline the wheels. Yawn.

Get up arrive quick polish come 3rd then get another cold beer and chill out on the lawn. Sounds the right thing to do to me :-)


Eynsham Hall PCGB Event 2003

What a weekend one of the best and the worst personaly for me. Long story.... Oxford nice place and a great croud of people and cars. Er most of the 12's were fast a sleep some where on Sunday morning er... due to there being something in the water ;-) at the BBQ which finished about 5am. Sorry campers. Te He. Well at least every one knows about the 912's now...may be for the wrong reason. Ops Oh well.

The dirve back was well cool a 356 Cab me in the 912 and a 911S all in a row down the motorway about 85mph It was well cool , must have looked great for others ....what they saw of us ;-)

Mad or what BOXING day Wickham Square 2003


COLD WET must be a mad English day out. Only the English will come out in the cold and wet on Boxing day to do a car show!!. But it was fun and there was 3 Porsches in the end as this was a car show for all Classic Cars. 912 67 912 69 911SC 8?


Well that all folks have a great New Year I hope dreams come true for you all. I've given up on mine so out for new ones ;-(


2003 brought the very bad news for 356/912 Porsche fans with the passing of a true great Porsche 4 pot fan. Harry Pellow. Harry if you did not know him was a true gent said it how it was and built a company out of his passion for little 356 engines and most important, put pen to paper and wrote it all down for us all to read and follow. His video tapes are fun to watch. Harry wanted to take the black magic out of engine building so we can all drive our 4 pots with pride. Always on the end of the phone to have a chat with. Soarly missed by a lot of people he never met but emailed or called R.I.P. Harry.


Roll on 2004 and lets see what other events we can go on. Already in the Pipe line is France Paris and France again Le mans 24Hr classic race. I personaly will be doing a trip to Nice after that and Monaco. :-)