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Photo Page

This is a Here a few pic's of the car though the 3 1/2 years of resto


The Hard work

Well here are some of the pictures of the car, it took a while to do the restoration and I still have work to do on the car.

Please let the pic's down load I know there are a few but I hope you will get some understanding on how to do a resto from the pic's

If you have any questions please mail me I will see if I can help you out if not point you in the right direction.

Well here it is first touch on UK soil for this now Ex- USA CA 912

On the way home from the shipping company stuck on the M25 . What really !!!!!

It looks so easy it will be done in a few weeks

Off with the paint ALL of it.With a DA sander

Repair to the rear that had 3/4" bondo in it once dressed out only a light skim needed

1Pk etch primer. The start of the paint. Used a rust preventer first.

And here is one we did earlier.......

Ready for top coats now after 6 weeks of Prep.

Final check and touch up any areas not 100 % correct

Painted. Top coats 6808 Burgundy USA colour for 1969 model it had to be painted the org colour

Transport by Andy at Performance EFi in Stubbington Fareham Hampshire cheers Andy

Putting it all back togeather again was fun it took about 2 years. Well it had to be done right.

Near Silverton, CO

Canyonlands National Park, UT

Falls In Southern Utah

Colorado's State Flower

Moab, Utah

Near Silverton, CO

Canyonlands National Park, UT